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Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest to use the applicator brush (provided with most packs) to apply Lava Clay and let the micro crystals do their thing, working to gently exfoliate and remove any dry skin, unclog your dirty pore and purify and revitalize your appearance. You can relax and leave the mask on for up to ten minutes before you wash it off. Then, lightly pat dry your skin and don’t forget to wash-out your brush.

It is normal for your skin to look rosy or even red shortly after removal. This is a result of the clay going to work, deeply cleansing, unclogging blocked pores and drawing out any impurities from your skin. Within in an hour your skin will be left with a refreshed, revitalized healthy appearance.

Lava Clay can be used up to two times a week for oily and acne prone skin. If your skin type is normal or sensitive, we suggest you use only once a week. You know your daily skincare regime and are the best judge of your own skin. Do what you feel will lead to the best outcomes for your skin and wellbeing.

Yes, Lava Clay can be used on your chest, shoulders and back – anywhere your skin becomes sweaty, oily or develops blackheads and acne. Lava Clay helps open and unclog dirty pores whilst absorbing excess oils and impurities. Just make sure to wash it away after use!

Lava Clay is naturally formed and made up mostly from montmorillonite and kaolin clays. These clays combined make up around 80% of the weight of the Lava Clay product. Other clays on the market only range from 15% to 50% of clay content in their formulated product and can also have unwanted ingredients such as fillers, glycerines and fragrances. Lava Clay has a higher clay-ratio which helps to create more effective clay-based skin care benefits and results.

Lava Clay also naturally contains micro crystals and minerals that include quartz, potassium feldspar, anatase, calcium, hematite, goethite, calcium, mineralised water and other minerals.

The only ingredients we add to the clay are natural preservatives. We do this because cosmetics need preservatives to prevent any unwanted microorganisms from growing. The natural preservatives we’ve added make up only 1% of the product. These preservatives are known as Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacetic Acid which are natural and have a mild pleasant scent.

Montmorillonite Clay has been the focus of a large amount of clinical and industrial research. Named after Montmorillonite, the French location where it was first identified in Europe, it is sometimes known as French Green Clay and has been thought to have healing properties for hundreds of years, resulting in a solid history of study and research.

Like many other clays, Montmorillonite swells when wet, and shrinks when dry. However due to its unique layered structure, Montmorillonite expands much more than other clays due to water being able to penetrate the molecular layers. This means it can absorb many times its own weight in water. Due to its highly porous microscopic crystalline structure and absorbing qualities, Montmorillonite is known for its ability to bond to dirt, absorbs oils, small particles and impurities. Popular in countries where the local citizens are exposed daily to harsh daily impurities. 

Lava Clay is sourced from Australian volcanic plains, so is rich in natural pigments. The red ochre colour of Lava Clay comes from the mineral Hematite found in the clay.

We don’t believe it is necessary to add a fragrance to the clay if it provides no benefit to your skin treatment.

Here’s just a few that people tell us…

Exfoliates and removes dry, unwanted skin.

Absorbs excess oils from the skin.

Deeply cleanses and unclogs dirty pores, ideal for blackheads and acne prone skin.

Experience smoother skin.

A revitalized appearance.

Micro crystals can be found throughout Lava Clay and work to gently exfoliate and remove any dry skin.

Apart from their exfoliation properties, crystals are also believed to provide health benefits. Lava Clay’s naturally occurring quartz is said to be a powerful crystal providing physical, spiritual and emotional healing properties.

Lava Clay does not cure acne, however the montmorillonite and kaolin clays’ natural qualities help cleanse and unclog dirty, oily pores and helps to draw any impurities to the skin’s surface. This helps create a skin surface that is not suited to the development of acne.

Yes -the absorbing qualities of the montmorillonite clay make it an ideal treatment for oily skin.

Lava Clay is owned by Immersa Skincare Pty Ltd which is 100% Australian owned.

There is no testing on animals, Immersa believes that testing cosmetic products on animals is cruel and unethical.

Yes, the clay is Naturally Formed and contains no gluten.

Lava Clay is fine for use for those who pursue a Vegan lifestyle as it contains no animal products.

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