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Like many other clays, Montmorillonite swells when wet, and shrinks when dry. However due to its unique layered structure, Montmorillonite expands much more than other clays due to water being able to penetrate the molecular layers. This means it can absorb many times its own weight in water. Due to its highly porous microscopic crystalline structure and absorbing qualities, Montmorillonite is known for its ability to bond to dirt, absorbs oils, small particles and impurities. Popular in countries where the local citizens are exposed daily to harsh daily impurities. 

Micro crystals are the perfect natural exfoliant to remove dry and unwanted dead skin. Apart from their exfoliation properties crystals are believed to provide health benefits. Naturally occurring quartz is said to be a powerful crystal providing physical, spiritual and emotional healing properties.

The only ingredients we add to the clay are natural preservatives. We do this because cosmetics need preservatives to prevent any unwanted microorganisms from growing. The natural preservatives we’ve added make up only 1% of the product. These preservatives are known as Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacetic Acid which are natural and have a mild pleasant scent.

Pure nature at work

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Mineralised Water (absorbed by the clay)


Crystals + Minerals

Potassium Feldspar


Dehydroacetic Acid 
Benzyl Alcohol

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