100% Natural - No fillers

Formed not formulated​

Lava Clay is naturally formed not formulated in a lab. It is made mostly from montmorillonite and kaolin clays. These clays combine to make up around 80% of the weight of Lava Clay. Other clays products on the market range from only 15% to 50% of clay content in their formulated product.

These formulated clay products can also have unwanted ingredients such as fillers, glycerines and fragrances. Lava Clay contains no fillers, no added fragrances and no unwanted ingredients.

Lava Clay also naturally contains micro crystals that include quartz, potassium feldspar, anatase, calcium, hematite, goethite, calcium, mineralised water and other minerals.

Australian Made

Pure nature at work

Lava Clay is the result of volcanic events that took place over a million years ago in the Lava Plains of Queensland, Australia.

The volcanic ash from these eruptions altered over time and formed into a unique crystal clay that is the basis of Immersa Lava Clay. This clay naturally contains montmorillonite, kaolin and a variety of micro crystals that gently exfoliate your skin and are believed to provide energy and healing.

The process

Lava Clay gets its very fine and silky texture by separating the crystal-rich mineral clay through mesh screening, using mineralised water sourced from underground basalt caverns found 120 meters below the surface. The process helps remove valuable sapphires and other large particles in the clay.

The remaining clay flows into shallow settling ponds, which help separate the finer particles and lets the heavy particles left in the clay sink to the bottom. This all works to increase the amount of pure montmorillonite found in the clay – an essential ingredient for Lava Clay’s unique skincare benefits.

Once the clay has settled, it’s collected and screened again to ensure a super fine and luxurious texture. We add a natural preservative to ensure the effectiveness of the clay.  A must for safe skincare. 

This process results in amazing 99% of the Lava Clay product being naturally formed

No Fillers, No Added Fragrances No Unwanted Ingredients

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